Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

This flash game will tell you. His title is Kaito and that he resides in Tokyo. Offers a view of the town park. One afternoon, Kaito determined to visit the playground to unwind and love the silence. Suddenly he hears a rustle from the bushes. From them comes a strange cat. Kaito provides him fish and the kitty leaves. A couple of minutes later, a lady passes by Kaito. She has a beautiful figure and big jugs. And then it starts to rain. Kaito offers a doll to take her to the house under a umbrella. The woman waits... So how do you recognize the primary goal of this game - to achieve the positioning of this nymph that will do bang-out with her depraved fuck-fest. For this you've got to select the dialogue options that are ideal. If you're rude or impudent - that the game is finished.

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It is time for our beloved blonde Charlie to bring people in need some support. And lots of those people she will find at H.A.S.H.! (in case you still did not get it this will be a parody on a fairly famous TV series M.A.S.H. and should you ahve no idea exactly what this series was all about then very likely you're simply too youthful to play with this game). The gameplay strategy is known for all admirers of games with Charlie - you enjoy humorous scenes with aprodies on favored people or characters. Sooner or later you will have to make a choice of three distinct choices and you won't know what it is you're currently picking from - otpions only has amounts without any descriptions. However, you has nothing to fret about - almost every choice will bring you brief hilarious and sexy scene with Charlie and her friends!

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