Fun with Pals (Elana Champion of Lust)

This is third manga porn game starring Elana. In case if you have for some reason missed former two then you probably should check for them on our site very first. Anyhowthe game of this series is pretty ordinary. The major attraction of it is not hard-core gameplay but customization. Opt for the gende rof your character, setup the background, swith hair styles and hair color settings, switch skin tone and even Elana's forms! After that you are able to select one ofsex scenes and love it! Camera perspective will flash you the most interetsing moments from teh most interesting angles! Just don't leave behind that each scene has few phases and to switch between them you should arrow buttons you will see on left and right surfaces of the game screen.

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Secret Fantasy Dreams

Anothe rgame that proceeds the sotry of both Nanny and Wendy and their experiences. Today's episode is called"Secret fantasy dreams". Probably it won't be a big reveal that you Nanny enjoys reading. She goes to sleep if she's not read one or may be even two chapters out of one of her most preferred books. But there are a few books that have quite the contrary impact on grandma - those that makes her horny. And when she is studying among thos ebooks inside her bend afterward there'll be a great deal of self penalizing for sure! And who knows might be Wendy has left any of her sexual toys in the last time playing them... Just look for busy spots on the display and then click on (or hold) left mouse button on them - when the enjoyment meter begins to develop then you're doing everything right!

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