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The Massage Institute 5: Unexpected Encounters

Adventures of rubdown staff at rubdown continues in this episode 5:"Unusual experiences". Just like in all preceding vignettes you will see over the working and relationship sides of a massage team in a rubdown salon managed by Christina. Besides Charlotte who joined your team you might also remember Dorothy - Ivan's gf who is pretty regular at the salon. And like this is not enough each fresh episode will bring even more hot erotic models . For instance in this gig you will meet an additional intern named Carla who may come to be truly close friends with Charlotte... but only in the event you will make certain choices from the dialogs scenes. Think indeed good over your choices since it might cause you to game over screen in no time when they'll be skimpy.

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Nympho Wife [Beta]

Here you're going to meet 3 personality with whom it is possible to get to the sex scenes. Quite simply this game is for those who love reading :-RRB- Bunch of text along with several choicesthat you will have to make throughout the game. Depending on these you will reach some endings.

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